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[Announcement] Update: New levelcap! New World! New Weapons!

Today is the day, the new update is finally here. 
It took a while, but the update is huge!


- New level cap 900
- New weapons 700
- A completely new world for leveling to 900: Tarian
- A complete set of new monsters you have never seen before!

- Defense will have good effect in PVP, the more defense the less damage you receive, higher level armor is the message!
- Switching from Feragon back to Labiyong will not make it overpowered anymore
- We added a fancy slot for Shield again
- To help with making equipment from recipes we added a Recipe Booster in the LP shop to increase the success rate
- We changed the amount of characters you can have on 1 account from 5 to 8
- Upgraded fancy's will not be overpowered anymore
- Buff from winning guild war will now work well on every world
- The server will always show the exact number of damage you make and receive
- EXP Bar below the screen will now show the real amount. (The "bonus" exp when you levelup was not real!)
- E-Encounter is now a little easier

- Trees and walls in Merac are no longer walk trough
- Merac looks a lot more beautiful now
- Indonesian players don't have to use VPN anymore to connect!

How to get the 700 weapons.
In Merac there is now a new Affinity shop NPC where you can buy the recipe. 
This affinity shop is different!
When you buy a item from this affinity shop you have to pay with affinity points.
If your points for this affinity drop you will need to farm them again to open the shop next time.

The recipe is one part of course, to get the materials you need to hunt in Merac.
All monsters will drop puzzle pieces. 
You need 16 pieces to complete the puzzle.
Once you have the 16 pieces bring them to the 700 Puzzle NPC in Merac to receive the material.

A word about the new world Tarian.
Tarian is a completely new world in Laghaim.
This map is HUGE! it is 4x the size of any other world in Laghaim.
For now this world is only for leveling but this will also be the place later for the next armor set and weapon.

PVP Fights
We have taken the time to address the current problems in PVP and noticed that the damage calculation
was pretty bad and did not taken defense into account at all.
This resulted in a 450+15 set being much stronger than a 700+14 set even while it has almost double the defense.
We have made a few changes to the damage calculation in PVP and now the more defense you have, the less damage you receive.
This will ofcourse mean that if you want to win in PVP you need to get the best gear always, like it should be!
We made changes to some skills that needed changing and we believe the PVP balance should be really good now.

The update is scheduled for 14.00h server time

Posted at Friday, 22 June - 11:47 by Administrator
[News] [Hardcore Server] Hide and Seek Event



-The same player can only win once in that event.
-All races can participate.
-All times are on servertime.

Posted at Wednesday, 20 June - 01:31 by Stacie
[News] [Normal Server] Event World Cup 2018 Road to Russia !




Semifinal Match


Correct Prediction Goal for each Match



Reward Stone Gold Box 1x yazr7aab.jpg


Final Match


Correct Prediction Goal for each Match can choose reward below,


Soccer uniform or Cape/Wing




Event Format:


RUSSIA VS Saudi Arabia


Team Winner = XXXX (or Draw)

Prediction Goal = x - x




Team Winner = Russia

Prediction Goal = 2 - 0 ( 2 is for Russia 0 is for Saudi Arabia, if you write 0 -2 then it mean 0 for Russia 2 for Saudi Arabia)



Rules and Conditions :

- 1 ID Forum for 1 Character.

- You can join both Event, Winner Team and Prediction Goal.

- No Double Post (but you can edit during event).

- Event will open 1hr before Match Start and will close for temporary in the last 30 minutes before Match Start, so you just only have time 30 minutes to make a Prediction Goal and Winner Team.

- Winner must send Message to Bloodborne, ID and charactername that want to recieve the reward.

- Because this is Live Match, GM need to be online, if need something to be change GM will info in a post.


New Updated

* Every win Team Winner and Prediction Goal bonus +1 Point


Update rules:


- Double post with different predictions is not allowed, penalty -1 point, if your point 0 then you get -1

you can edit predictions during event time/topic open


Have fun and enjoy the Biggest Football Event, World Cup 2018  ;) 

Posted at Sunday, 10 June - 16:12 by Bloodborne
[News] [Hardcore Server] Drop Collection Event



- There will be 2 prizes from each collection.
- Each Character can only win once. In other words, the same character can not win the EDD and 450Bulkan set for example.
- You need drop the Items requested, all with the same character and according to the race of the desired prize. A Bulkan, for example can only win the 450set of bulkan or the EDD, cannot win others items.
- When you have all the drops, place in the inventory, make a screen and post in response to this topic, remember to show the name of the character on the screen. Do not remove items from inventory until we confirmed that you have won. We'll check your logs to confirm if all items were actually drop in time of event, so do not try to fool us.
- The event ends on the defined date even if all the prizes have not been redeemed. The event may also end sooner if all prizes have already been redeemed.
- In response to this topic post just the Screens with the drops. Other things will be deleted.
Clear Example:
If you want win one EDD. you need to play with a Bulkan character and drop the items required for EDD. You need to drop all items with that same character, you cannot receive in trade or buy from other players.
When you have all the drops make a screen and post in the response of the topic.
- Any questions please send a Ticket or message in the the Forum.
Posted at Thursday, 31 May - 13:16 by Lars
[News] [Hardcore Server] Event Exp June



All events will start and end at 00:00 servertime approximately, but in case GM forget you can open a ticket to remind us

Posted at Thursday, 31 May - 12:57 by Stacie
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