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[Event] [All Server] Mobius Drop Event

Posted at Friday, 13 May - 00:09 by [HGM]TheShadow
[Event] [Normal Server] Bosses Event in Mobius

Posted at Saturday, 07 May - 23:52 by [HGM]TheShadow
[Event] [Normal Server] Calendar Event Exp May 2022

Posted at Sunday, 01 May - 23:07 by [HGM]TheShadow
[Event] [Hardcore Server] Calendar Event Exp May 2022

Posted at Friday, 29 April - 15:29 by [HGM]TheShadow
[Event] [Normal Server] Calendar Event Exp April 2022

Posted at Friday, 01 April - 19:20 by [HGM]TheShadow
[Event] [All Server] Easter Drop Event 2022

Posted at Friday, 01 April - 00:06 by [HGM]TheShadow
[Event] [All Server] WebShop Raffle Event III

Posted at Sunday, 13 March - 18:33 by [HGM]TheShadow
[Event] [Hardcore Server] Calendar Event Exp March and April 2022

Posted at Thursday, 10 March - 16:29 by [HGM]TheShadow
[Event] 5th Anniversary HardCore Server Level up

Posted at Saturday, 05 March - 00:24 by [HGM]TheShadow
[Event] [Normal Server] Calendar Event Exp March 2022

Posted at Monday, 28 February - 00:04 by [HGM]TheShadow
[News] Valentines Day LP Promotion!

From now, until February 15th 0:00h you will receive +15% bonus LP on each donation!

Posted at Sunday, 13 February - 22:43 by Administrator
[Event] [All Server] Drop Event Valentine's Day

Posted at Tuesday, 08 February - 22:36 by [HGM]TheShadow
[News] PVP Table changed

As you might remember, a few months ago i posted a topic on the forum searching for players to help balance the PVP. 

Sadly we only had a few reactions at first, and not everyone joined with the right intentions. 

Luckily there were also some that did have the right intentions.

Therefore i also want say a BIG thank you to these people for working really hard with GM Lars to get this figured out. 

Like everything, it is impossible to simulate all the same situations on the test server that could happen on the real server.

So there might still be small things that work out different in a real situation, rest assured that we will deal with these issues when they are reported.

I know you guys might want to know the exact changes that are done, but it is impossible to explain exactly how this works as we did nearly no skill specific changes. 

I hope the PVP balance we offer now will result in a more gameplay fun. 

If you have any concerns, suggestions or reports please send us a ticket.

Fighting about it and blaming each other on the forum will not be helpful.

Posted at Friday, 04 February - 12:05 by Administrator
[Event] [Normal Server] Calendar Event Exp February 2022

Posted at Tuesday, 01 February - 00:20 by [HGM]TheShadow
[Event] [Normal Server] Calendar Event Exp January 2022

Posted at Saturday, 01 January - 10:40 by [GM]Skye
[News] +25% LP Christmas Holidays Promo

Posted at Friday, 24 December - 14:54 by Administrator
[Event] [Normal Server] Event Level New Year 2022

Posted at Friday, 17 December - 23:23 by [HGM]TheShadow
[Event] [All Server] Drop Event Christmas 2021

Posted at Friday, 10 December - 23:51 by [HGM]TheShadow
[Event] [Normal Server] Calendar Event Exp December 2021

Posted at Tuesday, 30 November - 16:33 by [GM]Skye
[News] Black Friday and Cyber Week LP Promotion!

Black Friday - from 2021-11-26 @ 00:00h until 2021-11-27 @ 00:00h (servertime)

You will receive 50% bonus LP on every donation!

Cyber Week - from 2021-11-27 @ 00:00h until 2021-12-05 @ 00:00h (servertime)

You will receive 25% bonus LP on every donation!

Posted at Thursday, 25 November - 19:18 by Administrator
[News] PvM damage increased

The pvm damage from Perom, Hibrider, Human and Bulkan was increased last night. We hope that these races are now satisfied with the increased damage.

Posted at Sunday, 07 November - 10:48 by [HGM]TheShadow
[Event] [Normal Server] Calendar Event Exp November 2021

Posted at Monday, 01 November - 16:52 by [GM]Skye
[News] Help Wanted : PvP Balancing

Hello all,

Recently we receive more and more tickets from players that are not happy with the current PVP balance in the game. 

We have tried to make it right ourselves, but sadly we were not capable of getting it done right. 

It is time to involve the players that actually PVP every day and use their experience to try and achieve the best balance we can get. 

So, we are looking for a few players that would like to help us on the testserver to make it better for everyone. 

We prefer people experienced in PVP and preferable with multiple races.

We choose this because we would not want to trust someone and they only want to make their own race stronger.

If you are interested in helping us make it better for you, please send us a ticket with your motivation and your experience.

We will create a skype or discord group to make it easier to communicate about this. 

Posted at Wednesday, 27 October - 21:12 by Administrator
[Event] [All Server] Halloween Drop Event 2021

Posted at Tuesday, 19 October - 21:37 by [HGM]TheShadow
[Event] [Normal Server] Calendar Event Exp October 2021

Posted at Friday, 01 October - 07:50 by [HGM]TheShadow
[News] Add Exp x10, Att and HP 70% + Accumulation Event in Hardcore server! Enjoy!

Weekend Evend Active in Hardcore Server!

Posted at Friday, 01 October - 01:19 by [GM]Stacie
[Event] [All Server] WebShop Raffle Event II

Posted at Friday, 10 September - 08:10 by [HGM]TheShadow
[Event] [Normal Server] Calendar Event Exp September 2021

Posted at Tuesday, 31 August - 20:17 by [GM]Skye
[Event] [All Server] Event Drop LHGN01 7th Anniversary 2021

Posted at Sunday, 29 August - 17:20 by [GM]Skye
[News] Patch Note : 2021-08-26

Some bugfixes and additions :

  • Above level 975 you can only get exp from monsters that are no more than 5 levels lower as you. (this was not working well before)
  • Anniversary Drop item added
  • 950 Armor Recipe's name changed to show the race
  • Wonderland costumes added for later use
Posted at Thursday, 26 August - 21:16 by Administrator
[News] Update 2021-08-12 : Weapons 980 / Database Website

Today i want to introduce some new things :

  • Level 980 Weapons
  • New World
  • New Monsters

I also want to introduce our new database website.

You can find it at :

On this website you can search for all the items/monsters/quests/shops/worlds/drops you want and more!

Hotfixes 2021-08-15:

- 980 weapon recipe needs 1 less battle pendant to allow 1 spot for recipe booster

- Added Battle pendant recipe to the Atlantis Affinity Shop

- Removed the Ghost effect from Solina Old Brother Cleaner so everyone can kill it

- More damage to all bosses with damage reduction to offset the damage fix for summons

- Boss Steel Trapper made same like other bosses

Posted at Thursday, 12 August - 14:15 by Administrator
[Event] [Normal Server] Calendar Event Exp August 2021

Posted at Friday, 30 July - 20:08 by [GM]Skye
[News] Patch Note : 2021-07-06

Today we will launch a new update.

This update will contain the following things:

  1. A new dungeon world called Nine Curve Dungeon
  2. Around 20 new monsters and bosses
  3. Level 999 cap
  4. Level 950 Armor set

We are currently working on new weapons in another new world!

Posted at Tuesday, 06 July - 20:22 by Administrator
[Event] [Hardcore Server] Calendar Event Exp July 2021

Posted at Thursday, 01 July - 13:49 by [HGM]TheShadow
[Event] [Normal Server] Calendar Event Exp July 2021

Posted at Wednesday, 30 June - 18:15 by [GM]Skye
[Event] [Normal Server] Event Level June 2021

Posted at Sunday, 20 June - 13:04 by [GM]Skye
[Event] [All Server] Soccer Event Drop

Posted at Sunday, 13 June - 01:09 by [GM]Skye
[Event] [Hardcore Server] Calendar Event Exp June 2021

Posted at Monday, 07 June - 16:17 by [HGM]TheShadow
[Event] [Normal Server] Calendar Event Exp June 2021

Posted at Tuesday, 01 June - 21:50 by [GM]Skye
[News] [All Server] WebShop Raffle Event
Posted at Monday, 03 May - 10:15 by [GM]Skye
[Event] [Hardcore Server] Calendar Event Exp May 2021

Posted at Monday, 03 May - 09:58 by [HGM]TheShadow
[Event] [Normal Server] Calendar Event Exp May 2021

Posted at Saturday, 01 May - 00:22 by [GM]Skye
[Event] [Normal Server] Calendar Event Exp April 2021

Posted at Wednesday, 31 March - 19:52 by [GM]Skye
[News] 15% Level Event LP Promotion

During the course of the level event on the Hardcore server you will receive 15% bonus LP on top of every donation.

This will end april 10th

Posted at Saturday, 13 March - 19:28 by Administrator
[News] Forum Down for a unknown amount of time

Some days ago there was a fire in the Data Centre that hosted our forum webserver.

In this fire a lot of servers were destroyed.

Our forum server was in one of the rooms where the fire has been, but it is not certain if the server is destroyed.

During the next week i will have more information if and when the forum will be back how it was.

Luckily no other parts of our network of servers is affected by this fire because those are in other data centres.

Posted at Saturday, 13 March - 17:54 by Administrator
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